Student project Saint-Luc

The third-year students at Saint-Luc School of Art in Sint-Gilles were commissioned to come up with a new interpretation for the Bourse.

Trap - escalier Malfait

A staircase was uncovered during the dismantling works at the end of April. Its existence was known through building plans, but it was hidden away.

Démontage - demontage - dismantling

After a few weeks of standstill, the works in the Bourse were resumed at the end of April, with respect for the social distancing rules.

Belgian Beer World

The City is launching a call to screenwriters, game and app developers, film-makers, etc. for the development of the multimedia Belgian Beer World trail and the design of the archaeological site Bruxella 1238. Interested candidates can register for the public contract until 5 May 2020 (10.30am).

Beurs - Bourse 2023

What will the Bourse look like when it opens its doors in early 2023? In the video, Nel Vandevannet, Director of the Bourse Project, provides text and explanations. Discover the inside of the Bourse, what to expect in 2023 and the view over the city centre of Brussels from the roof.